WordPress Pasadena

Do you live near-ish Pasadena, Ca? If so, you should definitely come and hang out with your fellow WordPressers at our general meetup! This meetup is geared toward beginners and … Read More

26 Aug 2019

So, you want a chunk of that digital revenue pie. Who doesn’t? Unless you have been living under a rock, you understand online sales have exploded over the past 10 … Read More

02 Apr 2019

Development & business workflows are deeply personal opinions we all have when it comes to creating with WordPress. Over the years I’ve become more and more opinionated as I continue … Read More

17 May 2018

If you develop websites for a living and manage multiple projects at once or you have a multitude of websites that you and/or your team manage then you know how … Read More

23 Oct 2017

There are two schools of thought on the best way to move: Manually pick up everything you own, put it in boxes, rent a truck, load the truck, unload the … Read More

14 Aug 2017

I have a special kind of love for WordCamp Orange County. It’s the very first WordCamp I attended and the one that set the course for what I’m doing for … Read More

08 Jun 2017
WordPress Pasadena

Howdy folks! We’ve got a couple upcoming WordPress events to tell you about coming soon! For the experienced and brand new users of WordPress, we have a general meetup happening … Read More

09 May 2017

If you did a search on this website “do the thing” is a phrase you’d find that pops up quite a bit. I’ve never been one who is tied to … Read More

19 Jan 2017

Page builders. They’re all over the place and if you build sites for clients then you’ve at least given some “side-eye” at the solutions that are out there. The most … Read More

29 Aug 2016

I saw the tweet that Pressmatic was announced as a Sponsor of the WordCamp in my backyard. I was curious and took a look. I saw an interesting product, one with … Read More

03 Aug 2016

And we are back with our second Advanced WordPress meetup in Pasadena! This month we’ll be throwing it down back at the Apple Store. You’re welcome to come and attend … Read More

12 Jul 2016
wordpress plugin basics

I was honored to be invited to speak at the LAdobe User Group meetup, in Santa Monica. It was a fun and informal event sponsored by Inmotion Hosting and Recruiting … Read More

24 Jun 2016