Are We a Fit?

We’re not the right fit for everyone. But are we the right fit for you?

About You

Do You See Yourself here?

The typical profile of folks who approach us for help on their projects.

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Business Owner

Head of Marketing, Decision Maker

Director, Website Administrator

What Can We Help You With?

These are the things we’re really good at. If you need help with one of these, then it’s meant to be.

You Need a New Website

You Want to Sell Courses Using LearnDash

ActiveCampaign Consulting

You Need an e-commerce website

You Need Ongoing Support & Maintenance

Bug Fixes for My Website, Plugin, Hosting Provider

You Need a Marketplace Like Amazon

You get zero visits, we need SEM/SEO

When Do You Need it By?

I’m Flexible

1 – 3+ Months


Why Do You Need it?

Your Current Site is Old & Dated

Your Website is Broken

You’re Launching a New Business

You want to Sell Courses!

You Need an Email Marketing Automation Pro

I don’t have time to figure it out myself

You want a dedicated team to support our platform

You need to keep up with our competition

Your Freelancer / Agency Went Silent

It seems like a good idea

About DigiSavvy

Who We’re Right For?

Typical Businesses and Orgs we work with

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Small/Med Sized Business

Courses / E-Commerce

SaaS Businesses

Government Agencies

Who We’re Not Right For?


One-off Bug Fixes

Unfunded Startups

Vague Plans & Goals

We Specialize in

LMS Online Course Websites

WordPress & ActiveCampaign

Marketing Automation

Website Development

What We Don’t Specialize in

Website Applications

Mobile App Development

Why You Should Hire DigiSavvy

You like Our Work

You Value Our Expertise

You Want to Ensure Your Investment is Safe

Why You Should Not Hire DigiSavvy

You’re Looking for an ‘Order Taker’

You’re Looking for the Cheapest Option

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