Are We a fit?

Find out if we are the right company to help you achieve your goals

Who we're the right fit for:
Established Businesses

We specialize in helping established businesses get to where they're growing. All projects are unique but we aim at helping you take the next step to grow your business.

Established Non-Profits

We specialize in helping established non-profits with tight but reasonable budgets. We're budget conscious and deliver mindful solutions that help expand visibility and drive growth.

Funded Startups

We specialize in helping funded startups to further establish their presence and goals. We specialize in working with determined, focused, startups with a vision and a plan.

Who we're NOT the right fit for:
Beginning Bloggers

Don't get us wrong, we love writing. In fact, feel free to check out our own marketing blog. The reason we are probably not a good fit for bloggers is based on budgetary reasons.

Unfunded Startups

New startups are very exciting, but we also understand that you have limited financial resources as you validate your idea. With that in mind, we tend to be very risk-averse and are not the right choice in such a partnership.


Many great businesses start as solo projects. We work best with organizations that have dedicated teams and leadership, where they need an expert as an extension of their team where they lack specific knowledge and also have an allocated budget spend.

What we're really good at:
Custom WordPress Websites

The house specialty. We know your business is unique and has unique needs and we can help you translate that into a beautiful & high converting WordPress website.

ActiveCampaign Email Marketing

As ActiveCampaign certified consultants, we can use what we have learned through the years to help you effectively nurture, grow and monetize your email lists.

E-commerce Websites

WooCommerce, Shopify: different platforms but similar results. We help you with the technical aspect as well as the marketing to help your business get where it's growing.

LearnDash LMS Websites

Are you an expert and want to teach what you know to your audience? We can help you structure and set up your very own Learning Management System (LMS) from scratch.

What we're NOT so good at:
Bug Fix Projects

Fixing bugs is usually urgent and under-estimated. In order to help our clients grow, we don't offer one-time fixes but rather monthly care packages to make sure your site is always live and helping you grow your business.

Rush Projects

While we're nimble and work quickly, we believe our best projects take time to plan and execute. With that said, we simply can't start projects within a 1-2 day notice. We typically have a backlog of projects in our queue scheduled already.

Undefined Projects

We need to be extremely clear of what the project's goal is, and what the deliverables are. If we can't, you are likely to receive something different from what you originally wanted and that is a no-no for us.

Why hire DigiSavvy:

We're your business partners in a way (without having to have those awkward conversations about getting a raise). We take pride in being accountable, owning our mistakes (we are humans too), and delivering digital solutions that significantly improve our client's business.

You Trust Our Expertise

Chances are you are an expert in your area of expertise. You want to hire us if you are looking for someone to help in an area you are not an expert in.  We work best when we get the freedom to plan and make decisions we know are best for the project and not when our clients are telling us how to do our job.

You Want to Grow

Let's face you, you are in business to help make people's life better, with that said you want to grow so that you can impact more lives. All of our services are aligned with that in mind, everything we do should help you get to where you are growing.

Why you SHOULDN'T hire DigiSavvy:
You Are An Expert

You are the master of WordPress or email marketing or something similar. We work better when we work as an extension of your team and use our expertise to help you tackle projects you otherwise wouldn't be able to do yourself.

You Need A Cheap Project

We are very good at what we do and this expertise and knowledge took time to develop. We have the right people for the right projects and to give you quality results your company needs to grow.

You don't Want to Collaborate

Great things are achieved when people work together on a common goal. The success of every project is not the responsibility of DigiSavvy. The success comes from the right collaboration and working together as a team.