It was late, I couldn’t sleep, so I figured I’d check scores over on It’s different, they done redesigned the thing. No, it’s not an “April Fool’s Joke.” Nope! Instead it’s a mobile-first responsive website. If you scan the comments on ESPN’s announcement regarding this redesign you’ll see that people are assholes. I’d probably … Read More

01 Apr 2015

I remember 1999. Do you? That was largely one of the biggest shams in history. I was a support tech for a Point of Sale product and software company back then. We had such a huge service team, people who would spend hours and hours updating servers so that they wouldn’t spontaneously die due to … Read More

31 Mar 2015

DigiSavvy was fortunate to get an invite to Cal State Fullerton’s Marketing Honors Networking Luncheon for Marketing Students. It’s a pretty awesome event where the best students are able to connect with a variety of companies ranging from ADP, Walgreens and RDA Advertising. While DigiSavvy isn’t as big as those companies, we’re still looking to … Read More

10 Mar 2015
Identifying Great Partners

Over the last year or so there’s a quote I keep seeing repeated If you want to go fast go alone. If you want to go far go together. I can blame one person for that, but I’m not going to do that today. Partnerships help drive growth when you get brilliant and driven people … Read More

04 Mar 2015
Pantheon Agency Partner

What did I do that was cool this weekend? I closed the last-standing Hostgator account I maintained and I downgraded my DeployHQ plan to the free plan. Side effects of today’s hosting game. The game has elevated significantly in a crazy short amount of time. Do you need me to name all the players? We have … Read More

24 Feb 2015

This is going to be a 3-part series. It needs to be because there’s a lot to discuss. First, we’ll start with a very low-level explanation of what an Audit is and why getting one is a compelling choice. The second part to this series will be the hardcore technical explanation, followed by another post … Read More

06 Feb 2015

I’d received an email through our contact form the other day and it went something like this “I have a book coming out in a few months and I want to sell and market it.” Aaaand that was it. No more, no less. I did reach out to this person and we talked and the scope … Read More

04 Feb 2015

I was talking with a colleague of mine a few weeks ago, Wes Chyrchel. He asked me about my projects last year and how I felt about them. I felt like most of them were a struggle, they were hard and some of them ended badly. Wes pressed and asked why and what percentage of … Read More

29 Jan 2015

How do we make all the interwebs faster? There’s a lot to think about with our websites aside beyond all the nifty and cool things we can do to create better user experiences. An often overlooked metric is site performance. While we race to innovate we have to make sure we’re being diligent to keep … Read More

28 Jan 2015

What makes for a decent homepage? Well, there’s quite a lot that goes into it. I’m more of a developer and not so much of a designer. Not being a designer, though, gives me “outside” perspective as to what makes a good homepage; one that draws people in and gets them clicking around. I’m gonna … Read More

27 Jan 2015

Shopping cart software is everywhere and I’ve worked with a few of them over the years. Which one is right for you, though? That’s the million dollar question. e-commerce software comes in two flavors self-hosted, meaning you host it on your own web-server/hosting account. The alternative is you use a hosted solution, where the service … Read More

21 Jan 2015

The thing I love about WordPress Meetups really is the mix of folks that come out. There’s always new faces poking out of the woodwork to see what’s going on within the community. There’s those who come time after time, regulars who get a lot of value and give a lot of value to the … Read More

16 Jan 2015