WordPress Plugins Worth High-Fiving This Week!

I still haven’t figured out what to call this regularly updating article, from week-to-week. We’ll see if the high-five thing sticks or not. So, this week we’re talking about a little plugin that does a useful thing—those happen to be my absolute favorite! This week we talk about a little gem called Intuitive Post Type Order.

I was working on a site using Simple Custom Page Order, a plugin from 10up. It’s been a go-to plugin for me for a long time. Over the last year I’ve noticed some incompatibilities with other plugins I commonly used.

I’d noted this frustration with my friend, Natalie MacLees, of Purple Pen Productions. She replied “Oh, yeah, I stopped using that a while ago. I started using Intuitive Custom Post Order and it’s a dream. I hadn’t heard of that as an option.

Intuitive Custom Post order is developed by ‘Hijiriworld‘ (Twitter), a core contributor and general bad-ass. Of note, he’s also got a plugin that allows you to create Custom Post Types, and it also exports the generated code for you. ICPO is a simple tool with lots of utility.

So what’s the big deal?

Simple, it allows you to re-order your pages and custom posts via drag-and-drop. That’s it. If you have content displayed by “menu-order” then this plugin easily helps you modify that order pretty quickly, which was a core requirement of a project I’ve been working on.

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The nifty thing about it is that you can activate on custom post types __AND__ custom taxonomies!

I think that’s pretty awesome. Again, it shows you its utility when you have items that are ordered based things like menu order or similar; you can then just drag and drop as you see fit. That, in and of itself is uber-useful.

So if you ever find yourself having to easily build a drag-and-drop interface for admin area that affects the front-end ordering of menus or posts, then this little plugin will save you some time. Check it out.

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