We do a number of things well. At DigiSavvy, we can deliver a well-coded site that works for your business. We can provide expert PPC campaign management and consulting. We can help you craft a content strategy and advise you on how to build an audience. We’ve experts in those areas. But you know what? … Read More

18 Nov 2014

Depending on who you talk to, you’ll get the line that your keyword rankings do or don’t matter. Annoyingly rankings ARE important. If your keywords draw-in good search traffic then that traffic is going to folks on the first page or the search result. That’s just a fact. That said, you shouldn’t create content for … Read More

17 Nov 2014

We know what we know. To some that’s comforting, to others it’s a very scary thing because outside of what is known is the unknown. There’s a lot of what-ifs. A lot of people I talk to understand that they know things that work and things that don’t. People will seek us out because there’s … Read More

14 Oct 2014

Part of this post is a rant, the other part is just… well, look. The whole thing is a rant mixed with some common sense advice… Whatever it is that you’re doing with your site that thing you’re doing with it, that action you’re taking, should be measured in some way or other. If you’re … Read More

13 Oct 2014

PPC. Pay-per-click. In short, you’re buying clicks. That is it. Nothing magical here. What are some reasons that you do PPC? Number one reason is to get sales. Plain and simple. You want foot-traffic, you want sales; you want conversions. You want stuff that makes you money. PPC is one way to do that. Another … Read More

22 Sep 2014

Discovery is a term we use in this space to describe a process. The process, you ask? The process of discovery, silly! Specifically, this process is about gathering information about you, the client. Not only that, it’s an opportunity for us to figure out a lot of things about who you are and what you … Read More

19 Sep 2014

What is Information Architecture? Graeme Caldwell said it best: “An elegant, simple, and comprehensible user journey.” — Article Information Architecture should be a part of your project, as the client. If it’s not then you should ask why. If you’re  a solutions provider, then you should insist on this phase. I kind of liken Information Architecture … Read More

23 Jul 2014

Today’s average “brochure website” ought to serve a few functions. For starters it should make your business look credible; the site should provide information on what you do and how people can contact you; it should provide value. That’s pretty simple right? But it’s not that simple, based on the people I speak with on … Read More

15 Jul 2014

Something that has been on my mind quite a bit lately is data. More specifically content. What is content? Simply put, a website’s content is composed of text and images that make up the given site. That’s a pretty simple definition right? I’m thinking about this because of the clients that approach us and the … Read More

07 Jul 2014