I’m on the BBBChat w/ Adam Fout of Blue Steele Solutions

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The other day I had the honor of hopping on a Google Handout with Blue Steele Solutions’s Adam Fout. Adam is a content and social wizard and really nails each practice masterfully. He and Blue Steele Solutions do great work and I’ve been following their work for a while now.

On the hangout, we discuss WordPress, community, and building a custom solution and what that actually means. We go in depth on what it means to create content not for search engines but for actual humans who want to talk to you.

It was a lively talk if I can be so bold. So definitely check it out. Links and show below.

About Blue Steele Solutions

Web: Blue Steele Solutions
Twitter: @bluesteeletx
Adam Fout: @adamfout2

Photo Cred: Blue Steele Solutions

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  1. Thanks for featuring us and all the links! It was a really great chat, and I think one of my favorite parts was pulling away the layers and talking about what it is we’re really doing — helping people.

    Every business exists to solve a problem, and every business has a unique take on solving that problem. WordPress gives us the power to apply unique solutions that weren’t possible even 10 years ago, and for the little guy to do so.

    It’s a beautiful thing.

    1. WordPress’s tagline is “to democratize publishing.” I like to think WordPress democratizes creative problem solving for businesses at any scale.

      We should do that again some time.

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