Last night I had the pleasure of speaking at the Hollywood WordPress Meetup, ran by Greg Douglas. It was a good time certainly and was held at the lovely WeWork space on Hollywood Blvd. Greg asked me if I’d share some tips on how one can improve their WordPress development skills. Though, humbled by the … Read More

07 May 2014

We’ve been working with a client on issues related to bounce rate and pageviews. Their bounce rates are especially hi, 80% and above. That’s high and can signal that there’s a very real problem happening. So what do you do about it? Start with the mechanics How is your site speed? Is your site loading between 1 … Read More

05 May 2014

As some of you may know, we recently rebuilt/redesigned our site. It took us four years to get the thing done. A classic case of the “Cobbler’s kids needing shoes.” We have needed a redesign for a while, at least I keep saying as much. Our old site was designed in 2010 and it looked … Read More

29 Apr 2014

I’ve sat down with a client and eventually we get to the topic of traffic, lead-gen, conversions etc. There are a couple easy things one can do to get a leg up on this, such as PPC. But that alone isn’t an answer, it’s one spoke on the strategy wheel. Right? So, during this conversation, … Read More

28 Apr 2014

So we redesigned and rebuilt DigiSavvy. Originally the site had been built in 2010. Let’s be honest, this is a weird looking site. I get it; heck, I designed it. I’m not a designer, yet, I feel connected to this collection of images, colors and type choices. Strangely. For this rebuild it became important to … Read More

23 Apr 2014