We’ve been working with a client on issues related to bounce rate and pageviews. Their bounce rates are especially hi, 80% and above. That’s high and can signal that there’s a very real problem happening. So what do you do about it? Start with the mechanics How is your site speed? Is your site loading between 1 … Read More

05 May 2014

As some of you may know, we recently rebuilt/redesigned our site. It took us four years to get the thing done. A classic case of the “Cobbler’s kids needing shoes.” We have needed a redesign for a while, at least I keep saying as much. Our old site was designed in 2010 and it looked … Read More

29 Apr 2014

I’ve sat down with a client and eventually we get to the topic of traffic, lead-gen, conversions etc. There are a couple easy things one can do to get a leg up on this, such as PPC. But that alone isn’t an answer, it’s one spoke on the strategy wheel. Right? So, during this conversation, … Read More

28 Apr 2014

So we redesigned and rebuilt DigiSavvy. Originally the site had been built in 2010. Let’s be honest, this is a weird looking site. I get it; heck, I designed it. I’m not a designer, yet, I feel connected to this collection of images, colors and type choices. Strangely. For this rebuild it became important to … Read More

23 Apr 2014