How to Use Marketing Automation to Increase Sales

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Failing to have a marketing strategy sounds like so much of a cliché statement, but people fail to realize that you have to market your products, services, or brand to run a successful business.

You can do it yourself or hire a professional, but you need to have an effective marketing strategy in place for both scenarios.

When almost every other business has gone digital, marketing automation has become a sure way to increase sales. And what more could you ask for, if not for larger sales volumes?

Here are some of the benefits of marketing automation and how it can increase sales for your business.


One of the best ways you can create a personalized experience with customers is by tracking their activities on your websites. Marketing automation spy on what potential buyers do when they visit your webpage. Do they click on emails? Do they attempt to make a purchase?

Tracing all this information physically is obviously tedious. However, with marketing automations in place, tracking becomes a whole lot easier and faster. Tracking helps you increase the conversion rate through the following:

  • Tracking the behavior of visitors on your webpages
  • Know the links and buttons they click
  • Know the emails visitors open
  • Know the links and buttons they click in emails
  • Know how they watch video clips
  • Know what products they bought previously

The better you understand how potential customers interact with your business, the better a customer experience you can offer. What does that mean? Put it another way, tracking consumer behavior helps create customer profiles the same way a detective makes a profile after gathering all the relevant data.

Successful upselling and cross-selling rely on tracking customer behavior. The information is vital for telling which products you can recommend for upselling or cross-selling to specific customers.

Reduce and Recover Shopping Cart Abandonment

A recent survey revealed that buyers abandon 69% of online carts daily. Some people initiate buying online, and after placing a few items in the shopping cart, they quit before checking out.

That is one of the main reasons you need marketing automation, to reduce and recover abandoned shopping carts and increase sales. Perhaps you are wondering how marketing automation could reduce or recover abandoned shopping carts…

Here is how; marketing automation increases sales by instilling a sense of urgency and scarcity. This way, customers have reason to complete order purchases. The result is few or no abandoned shopping carts hence increase sales.

As customers surf through your website, live customer support helps if they need any help buying your goods. But the only way you can ensure live chat support is through marketing automation. A study by LivePerson revealed that 83% of online buyers need assistance while making an order, while 51% are likely to buy if assisted.

Marketing automation also increases sales through email marketing. This helps to win back customers who abandoned carts earlier. You never know what could have interrupted their buying. Reminding them of their abandoned carts could help recover some if not all of the abandoned carts and increase sales.

Increase Sales Through Upselling and Cross-selling

One of the best ways you can increase sales is by upselling and cross-selling. Upselling is where you encourage your customers to buy a higher value product than the one, they select. On the other hand, cross-selling encourages customers to purchase additional products that complement the ones they order.

Both ways, upselling and cross-selling, increase sales for your business. But that would not be possible without marketing automation in place. Upselling and cross-selling will propel you ahead of competitors due to increased value for customers.

As we stated earlier, marketing automation track online customer behavior. The system uses the information for upselling and cross-selling.

Here is how marketing automation increases sales through upselling and cross-selling.

  • It gives customers a variety of choices, hence increased trust and loyalty.
  • The value of the customer lifetime increases; hence more purchases.
  • A balanced growth for new and existing customers.
  • Customers enjoy increased convenience and flexibility.

With all the benefits associated with automating marketing efforts, there is no better way to reach potential buyers. Understanding customer behavior is the only way you can give the best customer satisfaction. That is why you need marketing automation to help you increase sales.

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