How Effective Are Email Newsletters for Marketing a Business?

When it comes to marketing, it is important to feel secure about how effective a strategy is when you are dedicating effort and resources towards it. Marketing via email has likely come up as an option to boost your business’s visibility. But is email marketing worth it?

Thankfully, there are many instances where utilizing this technique has worked for businesses in the past and is the reason why they continue to be popular to this day. Just for DigiSavvy, we used email marketing to help increase our month-to-month revenue.

Sending out routine newsletters is a great way to increase brand awareness and improve the satisfaction of your customer base, as well as increasing the overall sales of your business when you are properly targeting your emails. It is a great strategy for organically interacting with your customer base with engaging content and personalized messages through a medium that many people use on a daily basis.

In order for an email newsletter to be effective as a marketing tool for your business, you need to have an understanding of your target audience and build this newsletter around content that will appeal to those individuals. Creating a newsletter containing the latest news about your business, updates about your product or services, and promoting events or promotions your business is working with are all effective ways to engage the reader and get their attention in their mailbox. This is also an effective way of driving traffic to your website to further progress your marketing strategy.

Whenever you are marketing a product or service to an audience, it’s important not to convey that this is an attempt to sell them something as this can turn off a large number of people. Sending out routine newsletters is a way to spread awareness about whatever it is that you are trying to market without imparting that feeling. Newsletters are a way to allow a customer base to stay informed on your brand in a nonintrusive manner, and that is a primary reason why they have continued to be an effective manner of marketing for many businesses.

Another reason as to why email newsletters are an effective strategy to market a business is the return on investment that you get in terms of how much time and cost it takes to get started. According to a recent Litmus article covering the effectiveness of email marketing in general, the average return on investment to expect from this strategy is $38 of revenue for every $1 you spend on your email marketing efforts.

Newsletters fit into this metric because it shows that people are not only actively engaging with the content that is being sent to them, but that engagement is resulting in these customers making purchases because of this marketing strategy. With the existence of services that will source email lists of potential people who are in your target audience as well as automate the process of sending out these newsletters, there is little reason as to why any business should not be incorporating this strategy into their existing marketing efforts.

Leveling-up Newsletters

We haven’t even discussed how to level up your newsletters using marketing automation techniques. You can use a variety of tools to increase sales and minimizing your manual efforts. True story! That’s coming up in our next article. So stay tuned!

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