Finding the Best Free Business Theme for Your WordPress Site

Sometimes you’re just on a budget. There’s nothing you can do about it and there’s nothing wrong with it; budgets are there for a reason. They’re part of a greater plan. For all the moaning I hear from colleagues in this business about the budget client, there are times when the price is right for the client, so long as their scope is limited and expectations are properly set. Meaning? Meaning that sometimes there’s a time for the free theme site-build. Allow me to explain.

When you’re just getting started, your money may be spent on other more pressing items. Unfortunately, you have to figure out where to spend your money first. The website is often overlooked, even though it is one of the most critical components for any business to get recognized.

Now, I would ordinarily advise a client to really figure out what’s most important about their business that they wish to communicate and also identify the most important goal that they want a potential customer to take. These usually end up being the value-add the business provides and then getting the customer to contact them via some sort of “lead magnet,” rather some compelling reason

How Do You Find an Awesome WordPress Theme For Your Business?

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^^ For starts and, as a general rule, don’t do this…

In all honesty, you can, but as you get past the first few links, your chances of getting a reputed theme go way, way down. That is, the further down the list of results you go, the greater the chance that theme is garbage, or has something malicious built into it. If you think your theme is infected, be sure to get your site scanned by a company like malware scanning (they have a free malware scanner).

So now that we know what NOT to do, what do we actually want to do then? I’m glad you asked.

How to find a good Free WordPress Business Theme

Some months back, we released our first (and so far only) theme to the WordPress theme repository, called Some Like it Neat. The reason I mention this is because the theme went through a rigorous review period of six months! Yeah, six months! Typically the review process is shorter, but my point is they reviewed the sh*t out of our theme.

It’s because of that rigorous review process that I would recommend that you start your search on the WordPress.org theme repository. Doing a search for “business” in the theme repo returns a number of options worthy of your consideration. Specifically, here are a few other picks for solid business themes:

Make-WordPress-ThemeThe best choice for a free business theme? That would be “Make.” Why Make? Well, it’s a super highly configurable theme that you can take control of easily; it makes great use of the WordPress theme Customizer, making changes and updates to the theme a total snap! The best part is that there’s a premium upgrade for the theme in case you want greater flexibility.


Other Solid Resources for Free WP Themes?

In good conscience, I can’t honestly recommend any other place than the WP Theme Repo. There are plenty of places to go to purchase a commercial premium theme, but that’s another post altogether.


The most important things here, in choosing a free theme in my opinion are:

  • Does the theme help you communicate your value and/or message to your potential clients?
  • Does the theme provide a means for a potential customer to get in touch with you?
  • Does the theme allow you to showcase your business via galleries, blogs etc.?

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