Landing Pages and Their Benefits

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In the age where the importance of search engine optimization and a healthy online presence can’t be understated, brands need their websites to do a lot of heavy lifting so that they can convert as many users as possible. One way to get the job done is by creating great landing pages.

Many people overlook landing pages, but they really shouldn’t! This article will get into the details of landing pages and why they’re important.

What are landing pages?

Landing pages are web pages that are dedicated to certain topics or have certain purposes. They have specific audiences and have a goal of capturing information, usually by a lead form.

Good landing pages have:

  • A headline that summarizes the benefit(s) that the users can enjoy
  • An image(s) to add to the page’s visual appeal
  • Copy that’s not only clear but short and sweet as well (bullet points are great)
  • A lead form, best limited to the user’s name and email address
  • Only one call to action, to make sure there’s no confusion, hesitation, or feeling overwhelmed
  • No navigation, to keep users’ focus on the offer and submitting their information

The benefits of landing pages

Landing pages have very straightforward goals, but they can accomplish a lot for a business. Landing pages can:

Increase conversions

Websites generally contain information that’s meant to influence any visitors’ decisions on taking action. A good landing page does this, but even more powerfully because of how streamlined and customizable they are. They cater to specific audiences without ever making visitors feel overwhelmed or confused.

The simplest benefit of landing pages is that they convert more visitors into customers, and more customers mean more money for the business.

Directly support business goals

Landing pages support whatever goals a business has, which could be signing up for a mailing list, getting contact information, subscribing to a newsletter, making a purchase, or requesting a consultation.

Whatever the goal, landing pages can accomplish it at a much higher rate than a website without landing pages could, again because of how customizable they are.

Customers and internet users in general like and expect personalized content. They don’t want to see things that aren’t relevant to them, because it’s a waste of their time. They feel valued when content caters to their specificities.

Generate data and insights

Landing pages can be linked to specific campaigns, and when they are, the business can see which of their channels are bringing in the most leads, which of their topics and offerings are most popular, and which of their campaigns are the most successful.

Keeping track of user behavior means that businesses gain valuable insight that can help accomplish many things, like:

  • Refining knowledge of the target audience
  • Making decisions about campaign strategies
  • Improving overall campaign and marketing effectiveness

If the landing page has a form, even better! A business can learn a lot from their visitors from a form, beyond just their name and email. A form can also get information such as what challenges visitors face when they’re available for an appointment, or anything else that the business would need in order to help the customer.

Improve paid search campaigns

Paid search campaigns usually rely on click-through rates, and these are affected by landing pages. If a business has an ad campaign that leads to their home page when clicked on, the visitor might get great information about the business, but then just leave the website without any further action.

If the link were to navigate to a landing page, then the visitor would not only get all of the information that they need, but they’d also much more likely complete the call to action before leaving the site, which means much higher conversion rates.

Increase credibility

Because landing pages are straightforward and focused on one goal, businesses can really optimize their content to enable the goal’s completion as much as possible.

When they feel like they can get the information that they want and accomplish what they need to do easily, users recognize how much thought and effort the business has put into this page and their interaction with their customers.

Users will feel good about interacting with and becoming a customer of this brand, and brand credibility is increased (bonus points if the landing page has previous customers’ testimonies).

Improve brand awareness

Landing pages, like any other part of a business’ website, should be consistent with the brand’s style, aesthetic, look, and feel. The copy, content, and interaction with the visitor should represent the brand well so that the visitor has a good idea of who they’re dealing with.

Visitors will be able to recognize a brand’s page in the future and even tell their friends about it.

Customers are more likely to purchase or repurchase from a brand that feels genuine and familiar, so it’s important that they remember a business, even if just from their landing page.


It’s clear that landing pages do much more than boost conversions; they improve customer relations, brand recognition, and provide great data and insights for a business. Every brand should give them a shot!

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