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Pinterest is one of the more overlooked social media platforms. Most people won’t think of it this way but, it really acts more of a search engine. This is a major plus for small businesses looking to get discovered!

Users search for recipes, ideas, and more. They mainly go to Pinterest to be inspired. Pinterest users spend more money because they are exposed to more. According to a recent study by ComScore, more than 80% of U.S. women ages 18-64 with children use Pinterest. Does this sound like your market? If it does, it’s time to start a Pinterest account!

Pinterest is built on an algorithm that is very advanced. For example, if you click on a photo, it will show you more pins related to that photo. Over time, Pinterest learns more about what you like the more you are on it. It organizes its content based on photo recognition and the wording in the captions. It’s SUPER customized for each user.

Every time someone pins your pin, more people are exposed to your post. Think of it as a retweet or repost on Facebook. Also, the longer your post is on Pinterest, the more it is likely to gain more attention, kinda works like a blog post

Tips on How to Post on Pinterest

Pin regularly, about five times a day. I would suggest that you separate the posts based on the time of day, just to get more of a variety in the audience. You can schedule as many pins as you want with their scheduling tool. Make sure to put the specific time, caption, and keywords/tags. An important tool to take advantage of (and our most favorite tool) is the fact that you can link posts to your site! For example, we have a free e-book that we released and we made a couple of videos for it to post on Pinterest and we linked the page to download the e-book on the pin. Check out what we’re talking about here.

You need to spend time creating content. BUT! You can make new content from old content. Check out our blog on how to repurpose your content. You can make short videos/gifs on Canva with their templates and post them on Pinterest. P.S. videos do REALLY well. Trust us.

Pinterest has this cool option of organizing your content with “boards”. You can categorize your content on these boards and give them whatever title you like. For example, if you sell jewelry, you can have a board for necklaces and another for rings and so on.  Here’s what Target’s boards look like (photo below).

Target’s Pinterest boards

Why Businesses Should Use Pinterest

There’s a high chance your customers are already on Pinterest. Honestly, you might make more sales on Pinterest than you would on Instagram. Being a small business on Instagram is difficult these days, with all the competition and the saturated market. Since Pinterest acts as a search engine, it’s easier for your potential customers to find you.

Pinterest also has the option of viewing the analytics of posts. You can track how many times a person views, expands, and clicks on links. This will give you a better idea of what to post and market more. You can also see the analytics of your posts over time and separate it by link clicks, saves, engagement rate, etc.

analytics chart options on pinterest


Promoted pins is also another reason why businesses should be on Pinterest. This option allows wayyyy more people to see your brand business or product. Works kind of like Facebook ads but I would say way better just because of the nature of the platform and algorithm.

I hope I convinced you to at least try Pinterest out. We’re here to help! Let us know down in the comments (under the subscribe section) what you think or if you have specific topics you want us to discuss.

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