Announcing Website Weekend!

In October 2013, 53 volunteers came together to create websites for seven different nonprofits. We’re looking to do it again in October 2016. Interested?

If you’re local to Los Angeles, or you’re willing to make the commute into Los Angeles you’re encouraged to get involved with Website Weekend LA!

What is Website Weekend LA?

Website Weekend LA is an event that brings non-profits and digital creatives together to build something awesome over the course of a weekend. I will be co-organizing this year’s event with Natalie MacLees, who heads up the LA chapter of Girl Develop it, an awesome organization providing affordable and accessible education for women pursuing careers in the tech industry, is behind this year’s event.

During the course of the weekend, your team of digital superheroes will combine forces with an awesome non-profit organization doing great work in the community to build something amazing.

Why just a weekend and not a more realistic time frame?

We found that the hackathon approach was ultimately better as it was more focused. The number of high-quality work that was turned out was simply incredible. Often, professionals have a hard time committing to something for a longer length of time. They’re busy!

Who should sign up?

  • We are looking for a diverse group of skill and experienced volunteers who can work together and do great work. Whether you’re an experienced developer, or just getting up to speed, you’re welcome to participate!
  • We’re looking for developers who can build out a website in a short period of time.
  • We’re looking for brand, visual, and UX designers who can lend their expertise.
  • We need people who can wrangle content and input it into the website.
  • We’re looking for tried and tested project managers who can coordinate with the non-profit client and digital teams.

Other ways you can help

  • We’ll need volunteers to help us get things set up and put into place. A strong back helps!
  • We will need volunteer wranglers to help coordinate with our awesome volunteers who signup.
  • We need your generous donations to make this event happen. Things like food and venue space are costly expenses. You can help us offset those costs!’
  • If you have prizes you’d like to donate


Why do this?

Website Weekend LA is a great way to connect with your local community of digital professionals and local organizations doing great work. There are many ways to give to an organization be that money or volunteering your time. I think getting your hands dirty and deep into doing the work is a fantastic feeling. It’s a lot more satisfying than handing over money. Just a thought!

When and Where?

Those details are still being worked out. But we’re looking at October of this year, same as the last time we did this thing.

Sign up here to get updates as plans are finalized.

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