Plugins That Saved Me This Week

That sounds pretty dramatic, doesn’t it? “Plugins that SAVED me??” What does that even mean? Sometimes a plugin comes to the rescue when in a dire situation. This week, I’m talking about a plugin that saves me a few minutes ever week.

My very first WordPress blog is over here. One of my dear friends who helps me run it, is Elizabeth Ehrenpreis, who some of you may recognize as chief content-wrangler over at WebDev Studios. One day we were on a Hangout and she had asked if I’d heard of a plugin called Public Post Preview. No, I hadn’t.

Liz went on to tell me how it does one thing really well: It gives you a public sharable link to a piece of content that hasn’t yet been published, just like Google Docs or Dropbox provides for content you want to share with people who have that URL.

My jaw dropped. I mean, it’s not earth shattering stuff… But it’s pretty damn cool. It’s so simple and useful that it’s something that should be rolled into WordPress Core, in my opinion. It’s written by a core contributor, Dominik Schilling and just works.

I use Public Post Preview to share posts with my biz-partner, Chris. I use it to share edited content with authors over on my other blog so they can preview their post before it goes live; there’s a lot of utility in a tiny plugin here and I can’t recommend it enough if you run a content-heavy site, it will save you some time and sanity.

So how does it work? In the words of the late and great Mr. Perfect: “It works perfectly.” Click on the animated gif below to see a little piece of the plugin in action. Don’t blink!


Go on, check it out and let me know what you think.

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