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Depending on who you talk to, you’ll get the line that your keyword rankings do or don’t matter. Annoyingly rankings ARE important. If your keywords draw-in good search traffic then that traffic is going to folks on the first page or the search result. That’s just a fact.

That said, you shouldn’t create content for rankings alone. The idea is that you want to create content that matters; content that is useful and you should do it as frequently as you possibly can.

If you know that there are certain keywords you’d like to rank for, knowing your performance for those keywords is important. Specifically, knowing your rankings can enlighten you as to the effectiveness of your efforts to raise those keyword rankings.

There are a bazillion tools that will tell you your site’s rank for a variety of keywords and they have a great set of features. Moz comes to mind as an industry standard, as does Raven Tools. But there’s a keyword tracking tool we’ve recently began to use to track our ranking efforts on our site as well as a client’s site. It’s called KnowMyRankings, but the folks who brought you WP All Import!

I see that this sort of tool would be beneficial for the following folks: The blogger trying to build an audience for relevant and targeted keywords, whether exact or longtail keyword matches. The business owner trying to grow their local audience also by posting relevant and targeted content. Lastly, marketing solutions providers (like us) who are looking for a solid and inexpensive solution that easily and transparently shows results while providing white-labeling to then provide these reports to clients.

KnowMyRankings does one thing not just good, but really, really well. KnowMyRankings is a service that will help you track your keywords, shows you history of your keyword rankings. And the best thing is that it’s easy and reasonably priced.

Google Keyword Performance Tracking

For the average user, this is really all you need to track the results of your efforts to rank better.

For starters you can get up and running in just under 10 minutes. Placing your keywords that you wish to track. KnowMyRankings immediately returns your current rankings for the input keywords and begins tracking your history from that point on. A service like Moz would have you wait from 3 days up to a week to give you any data at all…

The key features to note are:
Simple, elegant reports that detail your keyword’s ranking history.Keyword Ranking Report

White Labeling of Reports is also available for SEO Service providers. We’re not really ‘SEO guys’ anymore, but we do provide a number of services that require keyword tracking and would look at potentially offering these figures in our reports. We already tally these figures from averages provided by other 3rd party services. That said, we’re impressed by this feature.

Ease of use… KnowMyRankings is dead simple and dirt cheap for what it does. It does one thing really, really well and doesn’t charge a premium for the service. I think for the average business owner or even digital marketer a tool like KnowMyRankings will provide measurable value in the first month you use it.

Bonus: International Keyword Tracking is available, too!

I think the one thing that I failed to mention here is that, yes, KnowMyRankings is quick and easy-to-use, but because of its narrow scope and excellent user experience it does one more thing. It saves you time and just works out of the gate.

So give it a try to see what you think. I think you’ll agree that the service is simple and just delivers.


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