A WordPress Starter Theme Using Gulpjs, Bourbon + Neat

I’ve got a Github project called ‘Some Like it Neat.’ It’s a Starter Theme you can get off of our Github Repo. It’s a swell tool and we’ve been using it to build out some of our recent projects. This site, in fact, is built using it. My personal blog uses it and a few other choice sites are running it as well. You can scope out the site for this project here.

There’s not too much to the theme aside from the fact it’s built to make use of Bourbon and Neat, a Sass library and grid framework. I’m a big fan of Bourbon and Neat, primarily because of how you build your site’s responsiveness. I love it. No selector classes and it’s pretty lean, in my opinion. Is it better than Foundation Bootstrap? Hard to say, from a feature set, no. Bourbon and Neat doesn’t have all the stuff that Bootstrap or Foundation has. But that’s not what this bit is about, that’s another discussion altogether.

The thing that intrigues me are tools; specifically the tools that people choose to build the things they love. Go ask a photographer what they use and they’ll fire back their favorite camera or point and shoot. As people who love to cook what their favorite tools are, they’ll be too happy to tell you about their favorites. For me, when building out sites, I’ve taken a “back slide” in my development. That is, not I’m devolving as a developer, rather I’m looking back to simpler tools and how I can best use them. The notion of a minimal starter theme has become a center of thought for a while now. Where is MY starting point.

Every starter theme has a starting point, some more or less minimal than others. You have to pick the point that’s right for you; and that’s what Some Like it Neat is, it’s my starting point. It may not be yours, but it’s there for you to hack a part and make it yours.

Made with lots of Bourbon and love.

Download it and give it a spin. Let me know what you think.

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