When it comes to modern marketing, the basics seem to get passed over completely by the majority of new businesses out there. There’s a huge focus, an obsession, really, with learning everything they can about digital marketing, leaving the foundations of traditional marketing in the digital dust. I understand the obsession — when you really … Read More

30 Mar 2017

I’d like to start by acknowledging the irony that I’m writing a blog post about this—I’m going to give you some awesome work/life balance tips, but at the moment, I’m the poster child for work/life imbalance. That perspective is what gives me such great insight into the problem. I have a friend who told me … Read More

05 Aug 2016
articles on branding

What a neat day today is. Adam Fout, from Blue Steele Solutions, has offered to grace our blog with some top notch article wizardry and drops knowledge about branding. He’s a content Weaver with Blue Steele, Magic player, and an all-around swell fella. Branding is tough — probably one of the toughest challenges you’ll ever … Read More

10 Jun 2016