I’ve Got 99.9 Problems but Uptime Ain’t One. Check Me Out on DradCast… Or Don’t!

A childhood dream and fateful prophecy was fulfilled today. I was on the DradCast with Brad Williams and Dre Armeda! The stars aligned and I was asked to be on the show! I appreciated it. So when you can go and have a listen.

Brad and Dre are two cool fellas. They are discernable folk who know a lot about pizza rolls and WordPress!

It’s been a while since I listened to the show, I think that they have changed up the format a little bit since the last time. I was waiting for them to ask me to do an opening monologue to start the show off properly, but they don’t do that anymore. Then I was waiting for Dre to ask me what I was sippin’ on… Again, they didn’t do that, not any longer. My point is: I should listen more often.

We covered a few topics that popped up in the WordSpace this week. We talked about Automattic managing .blog domain registrations, which is pretty exciting. We talked about Github’s pricing changes recently. And we also kicked around the “recommended host” drama on WP.org

I shared a bit about a new plugin and service from Dot Studio Pro (something you check out, too).

The show is chock-full of fun, humor, and talking about my hair.

Episode Linkage

Audio and show notes

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