Advanced WordPress Meetup in Pasadena

Man, you would think we were a WordPress Meetup Broker, huh? We’re at it again. Announcing a new WordPress Meetup in Pasadena: the Advanced WordPress Pasadena Meetup. This is an off-shoot of the LA Advanced Meetup hosted by Natalie MacLees and Joe Chellman.

What is this event?

I think it’s easier to start off with what it is not: This is not a beginner’s meetup. That is to say, we do expect you to have knowledge of using WordPress beyond the basics you might hear about at our other general Meetup.

This event is aimed at discussing topic matters that goes beyond surface level discussion. We may only get into one or two topics per meeting. We might have a speaker show up, we might not; we may feature a show and tell with people discussing stuff they’re working on or simply how “they WordPress.”

Who is this for?

Even though this meetup isn’t a beginner’s meetup, anyone is encouraged to attend, share, and learn. This is not meant to be a tech support forum, however. So don’t show up expecting free help fixing problems or anything. That said, troubleshooting things will likely happen. It’s what happens when you get a room full of problem-solvers together.

Who are your hosts?

Funny you should ask! Ericka Koyama and I are hosting this fine little meetup for the time being and will be coming up with topics for these meetings as well as coordinating topics and meeting times.

Does the event cost? Will there be food and drinks available?

The cost is free fifty-free. You pay nothing. And with all that nothing you’re paying, you also get no food and no drink. Make sure to eat before the meetup.

Where and when?

We’re meeting May 31st at 6:30pm at WeWork in Pasadena; it’s truly a gorgeous space!

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Join the meetup discussion.

WordPress Pasadena (Advanced Topics Edition) @ WeWork

Tuesday, May 31, 2016, 6:30 PM

177 E. Colorado Pasadena, CA

20 Members Attending

Hello WordPressors,We’re going to be doing something a little different. for this meetup. We’re meeting on 5/31 at the beautiful new co-working space for WeWork.What’s it about?We’re definitely talking about WordPress, but we’re digging deeper this time around. I don’t have an agenda just yet. But we’ll be discussing developer-specific topics an…

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