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Savvy Musings Digital Digest, September 3rd, 2022

Posted on
Last week’s newsletter had a 28.45% open rate. Most of you don’t hate it because y’all keep opening it! Thank you for the support! In other news, It’s September, and…

Savvy Musings Digital Digest, August 2022

Posted on
If you’re savvy and like my musings, I have good news: You’re in the right place. Tip of the cap to Mr. Johnny Mac. I hope you all had a…

The Savvy Digital August 13th, 2022

Posted on
A whole new name with the same old weird. Hello, friend! I hope your weekend is off to a great start. Have a newsletter! Adventure is on the other side…

The DigiSavvy Weekend Digest, July 30th

Posted on
Yep, I still haven’t figured out a name for this BS newsletter. Halp! This edition of our Weekend Digest is dedicated to the content creators who forget to edit the…