Brain Health Trainer

Online Course Platform, using LearnDash, to teach Health and Wellness & Fitness Pros to address brain health through intelligent programming for their clients.

Project Overview

The Brain Health Trainer program helps trainers, coaches, and other professionals significantly improve their understanding of the brain and how it’s affected by exercise and create programs that make a lasting impact on their clients.

DigiSavvy is a boutique WordPress development and digital marketing agency. We work with clients to design and build cool websites with unique aesthetics and custom functionality. We have the experience to deliver clarity and organization through sleek design, no matter how difficult.

The Vision

Brain Health Trainer wanted full control of its platform and to improve its membership and subscription capabilities. They needed a partner who had experience with membership websites and also Learning Management Systems precise and someone that Brain Health Trainer could trust. They also desired to keep more of their platform’s revenue, which was another incentive for total control of their tech stack.

DigiSavvy regularly works with clients who run membership and online course websites, so this was nothing new. We quickly understood the problem and knew how to give Brain Health Trainer exactly what they needed.

The Challenge

The Brain Health Trainer platform worked just fine with their previous provider. However, their partner was often slow to respond and didn’t prioritize their needs.

Brain Health Trainer understood that getting to the next level required a strong technology partner who could implement their strategy with a much quicker turnaround time. BHT called DigiSavvy to review their platform and to help migrate them to a new provider.

The Solution

By working with DigiSavvy, Brain Health Trainer could smoothly transition to a new tech stack they had full control over.

Brain Health Trainer could easily build out new landing pages and retain more revenue since they managed the end-to-end sales cycle and no longer had to share revenue with their technology partners.

Using their experience and preciseness, DigiSavvy consulted and moved their member and subscriptions to a website platform that Brain Health Trainer has full control over.

“I would recommend working with Digisavvy to anybody. The demystifying of marketing and website development has been a major advantage to my business and mental health. Alex’s personality and humor brings a sense of trust and enjoyment to a typically dry, mistrusting and frustrating type of work. ”

Ryan Glatt Founder