Yep, DigiSavvy is a certified ActiveCampaign Consultant.

See how we can help your business grow!

Convert More Leads into Paying Customers!

Selling smarter doesn't have to be rocket science. Leveraging a little expertise here and a little technology there we can help you setup workflows that help you increase your bottom line.

DigiSavvy is a certified ActiveCampaign Consultant. All that really means is that we love what ActiveCampaign has built and we use it to build our business, which is why you're here.

Let us help you grow your business with this most awesome platform.


ActiveCampaign Packages

Spark Package

Up to 10,000 contacts

  • Contact Import
  • Customer Segmentation
  • Tagging Setup
  • Config 3rd party integrations
  • Sales Funnel Automation Setup (lead nurturing)
  • One newsletter template setup
  • Strategy consulting
  • Q/A Testing
  • Training

Starting at $1500
2 - 4 biz day turnaround

Growth Package

Up to 30,000 contacts

  • Everything from Spark Package, plus:
  • Lead Scoring Automation Setup
  • Customer Experience Automation Setup (on-boarding/off-boarding)
  • Configure additional service integrations
  • CRM Setup + Deal Pipeline Automation and Config
  • Strategy Workshop
  • Up to three newsletter templates

Starting at $2500
5 biz day turnaround

Ignition Package

Up to 50,000 - 100,000 contacts

  • Everything from Growth Package, plus:
  • Configure user engagement automation


Starting at $5000
5 - 10 biz day turnaround

Tracking Leads

We'll help you track your leads from contact to sale and beyond. After all, getting a new customer is only part of the battle. Keeping your customers engaged is key to continue growing your business.


Let us help get your business to the next level.


Easily visualize, customize, and personalize your workflows.


We'll help you identify a workflow that helps you reach out to your customers at just the right time. Did they purchase? Did they abandon your cart?

Customer segmentation is an oft-overlooked component and we help you excel at, er, selling!

Grow Your Business Using Tools That Save You Time And Help You Do More With Less. Pretty Cool, Huh?


We can help you publish relevant and engaging content that is conversion-focused. Your content will be optimized for search and help you climb search engine rankings.


You know it's not enough to simply be online. You need a site that is easily found and when customers do find your site you want to convert them. We build sites that convert. Period.


We'll help you craft beautiful email templates that are personalized to your customers. We'll help you run tests to find out how effective each campaign is and help you improve click-thru rates.


It's great to have a site that functions well. But what good is all that when you can't report on it? We'll make sure you have a 360 view of what's going on with your online presence.


We'll help you use automation to help your leads find their own path to purchase your goods and services. We can tailor emails, content, and offers based on customer behaviors and actions. Best of all, it's all done auto-magically!