Urban Southern

Leather Maker and Designer Gets a Miracle for the Holidays

Leather maker and designer gets a digital miracle in time for the holidays

Urban Southern, as you might expect, is a southern-based leather-worker and designer who make modern leather goods with an eye toward form and function, while looking damn beautiful. Two moms (and also cousins) had a big idea. Why don’t they combine their skills and work together to build a brand that sells quality goods? Seems like a good idea. They had the business smarts, the skill and eye for design, as well as they content marketing chops to make this a home run. So what was stopping them?

The Problem

A big part of the issue was that they were limited with their previous e-commerce solution, which didn’t provide the functionality they desired such as error-free transactions, product sales bundling, easy-to-setup landing pages, and SEO rich features. In addition, their solution was hard to manage and getting development help was difficult at best. They needed a new and improved solution in time for the holiday season—in two weeks!

The Solution

Meg Delagrange, from Urban Southern, reached out to DigiSavvy in a bit of a panic. They needed to get a new website up and quick—without compromising the functionality, aesthetic, and overall quality of their new website.

No problem! We can do quick—I should note that we can do quick turnarounds but we do bill a little more for that so we can buy adequate amounts of coffee to keep us going.

Meg provided a beautiful design for us to work with and a simple set of guidelines: We want to sell online, we want it to be easy to use and elegant. We also want the flexibility to create landing pages and have it all be SEO friendly.

What we provided:

  • We built their new website on WordPress, which is SEO friendly out of the box, but when you combine that with other SEO enhancing tools such as Yoast SEO, your visibility will only grow stronger over time as they create new content.
  • We provided a drag and drop page builder solution so that they can create gorgeous no-code-needed layouts like this one.
  • We build their store on top of WooCommerce, which is one of the leading e-commerce platforms on the market today. It provides USPS shipping integrations, which we used, sales bundling, and a whole lot more.
  • We built a platform that will grow with their business over the next several years. Yeah, we did that for them. =)

The Outcome

I don’t recall how many sales they had with their previous platform, but what I can tell you is that since the new website launched, their slowest sales month eclipsed their total sales in the previous two years!

Technology for the sake of technology is never the solution. Technology, data, design, with a focus on the end goal is what always wins the day. We built the site with Urban Southern, not for them. That’s what a partnership means to us and those projects always do well.