DigiSavvy was born in 2010 and it was the brainchild of Chris Tolar and Alex Vasquez while playing a game of Magic: the Gathering. Since then, DigiSavvy has evolved from building "neat" websites to building goal-driven business solutions for a variety of businesses and organizations.

Our Team


Alex Vasquez, Principal and Co-Founder

When the incomparable Ron Swanson told Leslie Knope "don't half-ass two things, whole-ass one thing" it changed my life forever. Since then I've been helping my clients take ass and kick names! Or something very close to it!

Lucy Beer

Training & Education Partner

Lucy is our go-to, trusted, resource to provide training and education services to all of our clients. Education is a key of empowerment and that's why training is a part of every DigiSavvy project

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Amber Hewitt

Branding & Design Partner

Amber gets branding and visual communication in ways few others in the business do. Amber listens to what our clients want and then does this magical thing with her fingers and laptop to produce mind-blowing designs and messaging and makes it all look easy.

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Kassandra Aguilera

Marketing Coordinator

Kassandra is our newest team member and handles a lot of the heavy lifting with our marketing efforts from creating content, conducting research, and making sure the t's and i's are crossed and dotted respectively.

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Gavin Brown

Web Developer

Gavin slings code in his sleep; he live streams his games of Magic: the Gathering. In other words for RRRGG he will code slap the sh-- out of a problem and cause trample damage. We know, totes epic!


We're big believers in the notion of giving back more than what you take.

We help tackle inequality by partnering with nonprofits like Girl Develop It who offers affordable and accessible education for women aspiring to a career in technology. We further strengthen and empower people who want to tell their stories online by working with the WordPress Foundation to organize WordCamps and Meetups, which are free events anyone can attend and learn. Alex also gives his time to the Small Business Development Center, a division of the Small Business Administration, to educate and advise small business owners on growing their business using modern technology solutions.

Why should that matter to you?

It matters because when you hire DigiSavvy for your project, you're investing not only in a technology partner for your business, but you're hiring a community partner who cares. We think it's important to partner up with business's who have core values that align with our own and vice-versa.