You probably have a good idea of what DigiSavvy does but you might not know how we became so digitally savvy!

How it Began

A couple friends met playing a little card game called Magic: the Gathering. We played a lot of games against one another. We talked life, love, strategy, and a desire to create an awesome business. Most of our time together looked much like the image below. That's not us but that image is from

After many late nights playing cards, sharing plots and schemes they decided to give it a go and began working together. Alex folded his existing web design business into the marketing-focused DigiSavvy. Chris and Alex collaborated on a number of projects, plying what they learned from countless hours of research, college classes, and rapidly evolving best practices.

DigiSavvy has continued to grow its clients and has evolved its service offerings to keep up with a rapidly changing digital marketing landscape and we now have an awesome team of folks keeping our clients happy and driving value.

Our Team


Alex Vasquez


Nanor Zinzalian

Marketing Coordinator

"You miss 100% of the shots you never take - Wayne Gretzky" - Michael Scott


Adrian Carrales

Production Manager

“Do. Or do not. There is no try.”

— Yoda


Rodrigo Luna

Web Developer


Pablo Tocho

Web Developer

Trusted Partners

Daisy Naranjo

Design & Branding Partner

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Nathan Tyler

Technology Partner

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Natalie MacLees

Accessibility Partner

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We're big believers in the notion of giving back more than what you take.

We help tackle inequality by partnering with nonprofits like Girl Develop It who offers affordable and accessible education for women aspiring to a career in technology. We further strengthen and empower people who want to tell their stories online by working with the WordPress Foundation to organize WordCamps and Meetups, which are free events anyone can attend and learn. Alex also gives his time to the Small Business Development Center, a division of the Small Business Administration, to educate and advise small business owners on growing their business using modern technology solutions.

Why should that matter to you?

It matters because when you hire DigiSavvy for your project, you're investing not only in a technology partner for your business, but you're hiring a community partner who cares. We think it's important to partner up with business's who have core values that align with our own and vice-versa.