the Urban Dater

A top online dating blog needed a top technical solution to their vexing growth problem

WordPress Blog Development, Content Marketing and Development

the Urban Dater is a popular online dating blog. They needed help with driving more traffic to their site. We were able to work the Urban Dater and provided our in-depth Foundational Audit and identified a number of key issues to address and set them ahead with a bulleted action-list of things they could do, right then and there, to address their issues and start raking in the traffic.

We helped them resolve server errors, crawl errors, duplicate content errors and slow load times.

After working with us on their Foundational Audit, they noticed a pretty huge uptick in traffic to their site.

We never “game the system,” that is, we don’t try to fool search engines. We merely make sure your site is working properly, we make sure to give you a plan that will help drive more traffic to your site. When it gets right down to it, it’s simple. The jargon and endless reporting figures are enough to make your eyes bleed. Let us handle the data today, so you don’t have to worry about tomorrow!