Best Website Builders

For your budget, we recommend using a website builder for your project. We’ve tested a couple of dozen different website building platforms and we believe that the following five options are your best choices!

We hate to admit it but Wix really does a good job as a complete and easy-to-use website builder for businesses. It’s a great option for folks who are just getting started and don’t have the budget to work with an agency or a freelance developer. Also, they provide a lot of great templates.

Webflow is the new kid on the block and they provide a slick interface, modern tools, and the features a business needs to compete on the web. This is a great option for someone who’s an experienced developer. Yes, they have many great templates to choose from but their builder can be intimidating to use for the non-savvy user.

Squarespace has been around forever on the internet. They’re known for great commercials and some of the best-designed templates you can find anywhere. The tools are simple, their builder is solid, and we think they make for a fine choice.

If you need to sell online look no further than Shopify. They provide one of the most robust e-commerce platforms available and it’s super affordable—many of the world’s top retail brands trust and rely on shopify.