Fairness-as-a-Service Startup, FairPlay.ai, helps financial institutions innovate their offerings that provide greater equity to more families than ever.

Project Overview

FairPlay helps companies embed fairness into their automated decision-making systems and reduce algorithmic bias. In a nutshell, they increase fairness in financial institutions through AI-powered tools.

DigiSavvy is a boutique WordPress development and digital marketing agency. We partner with startups and businesses to provide friction-free web development solutions. FairPlay needed a partner they could rely on quickly, and DigiSavvy was there for the assist and quick turnaround.

The Vision

FairPlay wanted a website refresh that reflected what their company offered and highlighted important news and buzz they received. Since they’re a newer company, they run lean and mean; thus, they required “additional hands” to help with their workload. They needed someone who is a reliable and trusted resource to make important decisions and updates when called upon.

Luckily, Digisavvy knew how to help and give their website a fresh face with a clearer message to help potential leads have an easier understanding as soon as they visit their website.

The Challenge

FairPlay’s small team was stretched thin, and they did what many startups do. They put together a team of experts to help them carry their vision forward. Unfortunately, their previous development partner was not responsive to their needs and didn’t have the resources to respond when needed.

The Solution

FairPlay’s marketing team put their trust in DigiSavvy’s hands. DigiSavvy could take what the previous development firm did and further extend it with an updated website design.

DigiSavvy has also stepped in with important ActiveCampaign consulting and producing ad creative for their paid advertising campaigns. DigiSavvy has come through in every instance FairPlay has needed us.

Using their versatility, DigiSavvy built a custom WordPress site, optimized its speed, and helped FairPlay clarify its message and rest a little bit easier knowing that they have a reliable partner in us.