Big Apple Occupational Safety

Modernizing the web presence of one of New York’s finest environmental training & consulting firms.

Project Overview

Modernizing legacy systems is always a chore. BAOS’s leadership team knew they needed to upgrade their systems if they wanted to continue to compete. They scoured local development agencies but found only service providers who contracted overseas talent. If they were going to make a significant investment they needed to be sure their partner was reliable and responsive. Enter DigiSavvy.

Big Apple Occupational Systems (BAOS) is one of the top Environmental Safety and Training outfits in the state of New York. They needed to transform their legacy website into something that was mobile friendly, search engine friendly, that also was easy to use and integrated with their 3rd party course management system.

DigiSavvy stepped into the project eager to peel back the layers of what was in place and figure out the best way forward.

The Challenge

BAOS was in a tough spot. The Pandemic had absolutely knocked out their primary source of income: In-person trainings. They had to act fast.

They contacted DigiSavvy and let them know their situation. It was clear something needed to be done and it needed to happen quickly. DigiSavvy learned about BAOS, what was important to their customers and how they expect valuable information to be delivered.

Also, BAOS had a legacy online course system for managing their in-person courses. They weren’t ready to give up on that system, which also doubled as their CRM. No problem! This is the type of challenge DigiSavvy lives for.

The Solution

DigiSavvy devised a hybrid-solution that allowed them to have a brand new website, while maintaining their old course and CRM platform.

DigiSavvy built and designed the website with the following features:

  • 3rd Party JSON integration with legacy LMS and CRM system.
  • Replace their static website with a Content Management System they could easily use.
  • Implement a new Learning Management System for handling online course learners.

Providing flexibility for legacy functionality

BAOS had the flexibility that their new website offered, which was far more Search Engine Friendly than their dated solution and it was Secure and Mobile Friendly as well, all of which has helped to increase their web presence and traffic.

Additionally, DigiSavvy connected BAOS’s legacy LMS tool to their new website so that they could continue displaying upcoming course dates and information as well as registration. This was required since it was not feasible to completely rebuild a system with over a decade worth of data stored inside of it. The new solution had to allow BAOS and their team to manage courses the way they always had and continue to display on the new website.

Improved Site Searchability and Usability

The new website was also much easier to navigate than the previous website, thus it’s been easier for students to find the courses they need and enroll easily.

BAOS’s team can now manage updates without getting their developer involved, they can actually do marketing on their website and increase their visibility and run marketing campaigns, something they were not previously able to do.

The Results

The results are in the numbers and also customer satisfaction

The website has seen a nearly 15% uptick in visits over the previous year. The new website has also provided much needed usability improvements, which have helped increase sales by just over 5% from the previous year.

Over all, the BAOS team is happy with the solution DigiSavvy delivered to them. We both look forward to continued collaboration.

“They have a great team over there at DigiSavvy. Kaelyn and Alex are great and made sure everything was on task and that things got done and fixed whatever needed fixing.”

Rohit Reddy Director of Operations, BAOS, Inc.