Price Guide

We know transparency is key to building trust. We also believe that keeping things simple and easy to understand puts you in control of your budget and the process of selecting a partner for your project. Be sure to check out our FAQ section at the bottom.

Web Development Project Pricing

Standard development projects start at $6,500 and increase based on scope, features, and overall complexity. You’ll know up-front costs, there are no mysteries, and you can rest assured knowing your project is well-cared for, and you’ll get a solution that delivers value to your business.

Development ProjectsStarting Prices
Informational, Brochure-ware Website *$6,500
Website Refresh *$10,000
E-Commerce / Membership Websites$10,000
Learning Management System$10,000
Complex Websites, Custom API Integrations * $25,000
Custom Plugin Development$5,500
The prices above assume UX/Graphic Design services. Pricing may be less if supplying your own designs

Website Maintenance Pricing

Have an existing website that needs work? Our maintenance programs start at $1,500 per month. Depending on how many hours you need per month, we have a service maintenance plan that is right for you. All maintenance plans provide technical support, website/plugin updates, malware scanning and remediation, off-site backups, and monthly performance tuning. This plan lets you focus on building your business while leaving the technical stuff to us.

Website Maintenance and Support
Updates and Support Only
Protect – Updates and Support M – Fr 9 – 5pStarts at $1,250/mo.
The plans do not provide custom development time.

This type of engagement provides technical support when you need it. Assurance that your site performs well. It provides backups, malware scanning, remediation, additional security hardening, and more. Payments are quarterly or $3,750 per quarter.

Website Development Retainers
Includes Maintenance and Support
Level 1 Plan – 20hrs per month, M – Fr 9 – 5p$2,500
Level 2 Plan -40hrs per month, M – Fr 9 – 5p, On-call off-hours$5,000
Level 3 Plan – 80hrs per month, , M – Fr 9 – 5p, On-call off-hours$10,000
Additional Consulting – 20hr blocks$2,500
Pricing depends on the complexity of the websites being managed. Highly complex websites
require more time and resources to properly maintain and thus impacts pricing.

This engagement type benefits larger organizations that don’t have a dedicated web team. Organizations that opt for this engagement want a development partner who can execute, consult, and understand the business impact of the solutions they propose and deliver. Payments are made quarterly.

Email Marketing and Automation Consulting Pricing

Your business but smarter. We help you identify opportunities to close more business automatically and help you reduce the friction of your sales pipeline. More sales, better customer experiences, automagically.

Digital Marketing ConsultingCost
ActiveCampaign Consulting$2,500
ActiveCampaign/Drip/Klaviyo/ Team Training$5,000
Landing Page + Sales Funnel Setup
Sales page, follow-up automation config, CRM integration
Content Marketing Services
Email and Content Copywriting, Keyword Optimization
$2,500 /mo

Consulting Services (Pricing)

Sometimes businesses just need an outside perspective to review the great work they’re doing to identify improvement opportunities. DigiSavvy provides guidance and insight to your teams so they can do their best work.

Consulting ServiceCost
Website Speed/Optimization Audit$2,500
Roadmapping and Research ProjectsStarting at $3,500
SEO Audits (on-page, off-page, backlink)$3,500
Ongoing Consulting Engagements$2,500/mo.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Check out our ‘Are We a Fit‘ Guide. We’re a great partner, but we’re not always the right choice for everyone. Click the link to see if we’re a fit for you.

  • WordPress
  • WooCommerce
  • Shopify
  • Webflow
  • Laravel

landing Page Design & Development

A microsite or single page built to promote a new product or service to drive email signups or sales. This type of project starts at $3,500.

Informational / brochure style websites

These websites are often low in complexity. These websites provide all the necessary components to be successful on the web. It includes a search engine-optimized design, contact forms, multiple-page layouts, and more. These projects typically start at $7,500.

Website Refresh aka Website Redesign

These projects build on the informational and brochure website project by tacking on an additional design phase. These projects are a little bit more and start at $15,000.

E-Commerce / Membership / Learning Management System (LMS) website development

These websites have more complex features and functionality. Thus, these projects require more time for configuration, testing, and ensuring no bugs or functionality conflicts. These projects start at $10,000.

Projects that fall in this category

  • WooCommerce development
  • Shopify custom development
  • LearnDash and LifterLMS development
  • Membership website development
  • Custom membership portals
  • Member profile customization
  • Custom LMS features

Complex Web Application Development

These projects feature highly complex functionality requiring a custom, built-from-the-ground-up solution. Projects of this type take a lot more time to complete and require more testing and specialized knowledge. Project pricing starts at $25,000 and can be as much as $150,000 and more—and pricing varies greatly depending on the scope and feature complexity of the project.

Projects that fall in this category

  • Custom WordPress plugin development
  • Custom WordPress features and website development
  • Complex filtering and functionality
  • Integration with 3rd party APIs

We charge a fixed fee rate for your project. Details that affect pricing include the level of involvement of your project and how complex of a project it is, such as the number of emails we have to build, the number of automation sequences, and the size of customer segments we have to work with. If you have more questions, please get in touch. You can also have our price guide sent to you by clicking Pricing from the main navigation.

Things that help us provide you with an accurate quote for your WordPress website project:

  • Design mockups. Short of that, wireframes and a sitemap.
  • Website content for your various pages.
  • Clear business goals for your website project.

If you don’t have these items, we’ll start your project with a road mapping phase to determine your website’s scope, features, structure, and design.

Unfortunately, no. We focus on building custom WordPress solutions. We recommend the good folks at Codeable, who provide you access to a talented pool of developers.

We prefer the following file types to work with (in order of preference):

  • Figma
  • Adobe XD
  • Sketch
  • Photoshop
  • Illustrator

We have a couple of preferences when starting any WordPress project. We like lean themes, such as a customized version of the Kadence theme or our own starter theme.

Our most basic projects start at $7,500 and go up based on project scope, features, design complexity, and potential project risks we identify.

When the project scope is unclear, or the client budget is unknown, we provide a fixed fee road mapping phase to determine the scope of work. This road mapping projects start at $5,000.

We always bill a fixed fee for our projects. In rare cases, we’ll bill by our day or weekly rate.

We ask for payment in full upfront. For projects that cost more than $10k, we offer 50/50 or 50/25/25 payment terms; if you cannot pay the project fee in full at the start of your project.

ACH is preferred, and we offer a slight percentage discount when you pay invoices this way.

We accept credit cards and PayPal, too.

It depends on project complexity.

Low-complexity projects can be delivered in 3 to 5 weeks.
Projects with complex considerations can take 2 months or more to complete. We’re always transparent about our timelines.

No. We have a small team and do all our work in-house. Sometimes we bring on a freelancer to help with low-complexity tasks, in which case we’re transparent about that.

Yes, we do! Please review our various case studies!

** Customer references available upon request

Yes! We offer ongoing support in two varieties: maintenance and retainers.

Maintenance is our cheapest option and provides ongoing technical support, website updates, backups, and malware remediation. This support option does not provide custom development hours. This tier of support starts at $499 per month.

Retainer engagements are great for organizations requiring regular custom development time and on-demand support. This engagement starts at $2,500 per month.

Yes! We provide training and documentation for any WordPress project we’ve delivered.

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