WordPress Website Design & Development

We’ve long leaned on the WordPress ecosystem to deliver robust, scalable, website solutions to our clients for over a decade.

We believe WordPress is easily one of the most cost-effective and flexible web content management systems available—it accounts for over 40% of websites on the internet. That’s wild! There’s a reason for that, WordPress provides unparalleled flexibility, helping businesses reach their goals and meet their needs.

What can DigiSavvy build for you?

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WordPress Website Design & Development

WordPress powers a ridiculously large number of websites on the internet, owned by some of the most well-known brands in the world (and we’ve worked with some of them). It’s an excellent choice for your next web project.

DigiSavvy is adept at building simple, elegant website solutions are highly complex applications, depending on your organization’s needs.

  • WordPress Website Design
  • Custom Theme Development
  • Custom Block Development
  • Headless WordPress Website Development
  • We Offer WordPress Website Hosting

Once we get your business set up, you’ll notice an increase in sales and closed leads. You’ll probably tell your folks and friends how neat we are. =)

Custom Plugins and Themes

Sometimes the solution a project calls for needs a unique, bespoke, approach. All too often freelancers or agencies pull a theme off the shelf and get shoehorn it into a solution. We find that’s a problematic approach.

Every solution we create undergoes a research and discovery phase so that we understand the business goals and create a solution that is in alignment with your business.

Sometimes that means rolling up our sleeves to create custom solutions and custom themes and plugins are our specialty.

“Your team, Pablo and Adrian are absolutely awesome. 🙌 You guys really made it happen and our clients are able to get through the business planning form so quickly! This used to be a roadblock for many of our clients, now it’s not.”

Sean Snider Director, SBDC at University of La Verne
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Connect WordPress to Anything!

DigiSavvy can integrate with most 3rd party providers. Sometimes you need to send data to your CRM tool; sometimes, you need to pull data in from a website to populate specific data. Whatever it is, however, complex the requirement, DigiSavvy has you covered.

We build easy-to-maintain API-driven solutions; we’ll make it happen for a static website or, like, one of our clients or pulling in courses from a JSON REST API.

DigiSavvy can build you a custom WordPress plugin or website application for your concept’s MVP. Get in touch and let us know what we can build for you.

WordPress Website Support, Maintenance, and Website Hosting

DigiSavvy helps keep your WordPress-powered website running smoothly, and we keep it up to date with our white-glove support and maintenance services.

How we help

  • Technical Support
  • Malware and Virus Remediation
  • Firewall Setup and configuration
  • Offsite backups
  • Performance Tuning

DigiSavvy can build you a custom WordPress plugin or website application for your concept’s MVP. Get in touch and let us know what we can build for you.