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DigiSavvy builds rock-solid e-commerce solutions for business. We help you create a plan for success and then execute it with precision and know-how.

Running a Business is hard enough; your WordPress shop shouldn't be.

DigiSavvy can help!

We've implemented WooCommerce solutions in a variety of configurations from large volume retailers to scrappy startups. We have you covered! There are many ways we can help you succeed with e-commerce.

How We Help You Rock WooCommerce

Optimized WooCommerce

We specialize in fast-loading SEO and mobile friendly WooCommerce shops. We utilize tools that reduce database query overhead and make your shop excel!

Shopping Cart Migrations

Coming from Shopify, Big Commerce, or from something else? No problem!! We'll help you painlessly migrate from your current solution to a new WooCommerce-powered website in no time. Ask us how!

Custom WooCommerce

If you need a custom payment gateway, WordPress plugin, or WooCommerce functionality we have you covered there, too. Let us know how we can help your store stand out from the crowd!

Top Notch Support

We're here when you need us. Whether you're having downtime or a recent update hosed your payment gateway, leaving you stranded we've got your back! Tell us where it's hurting and we'll get you sorted right away. =)

Setup & Configuration

We've setup countless WooCommerce websites. Let us do the heavy lifting and get your products, plugins, and miscellaneous items ready for prime time!

Website Audit

Sometimes you have things that need to be fixed but don't know how to diagnose them. That's where DigiSavvy can help! We can help you evaluate your website's hosting config and underlying code for potential issues; make recommendations and fix the things we find. Our Website & Ecommerce audits are always informative and top notch.

Things We Do That Help Your Business Get to the Next Level

First we do the stuff then you do the things.

From attracting visitors to closing customers, DigiSavvy brings your digital marketing efforts together. The result?

More customers, greater revenue, and a marketing strategy that actually works for your business.

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