Youth & Gender Media Project

The "impossible" ceases to exist when you get a group of talented volunteers working toward a common goal for an amazing organization

A project done pro-bono for a non-profit helping children deal with finding their own path in the world.

To this day, this is one our favorite projects. Our work had a direct impact and changed how an organization saw itself and revitalized their work through new brand messaging and visual design.

Youth and Gender Media Project is a wonderful organization, run by Jonathan Skurnik. He’s done quite a bit in the area of gender identity and related studies to help spread the word about the very real struggles that people, of all ages, must cope with. The mission is simple: Helping people be who they are and educating those who wish to help and be supportive and even those who don’t know about the struggle these people can face.

This project was done in conjunction with Website Weekend, a fabulous event that connects digital professionals with Non-Profit companies to do amazing work!

DigiSavvy’s Alex Vasquez provided development chops for the project and also helped managing production tasks

What was accomplished

  • Complete re-design, revamped brand messaging and development
  • Implement responsive website design
  • Integrate design with CMS