Insight Editions

Insight Editions is an online marketplace selling hard and soft goods. They sell books, lots, and lots of books!  Their fulfillment vendor was in the process of restructuring and Insight Editions had to find a new partner to distribute their inventory for them.

The Problem

Insight Editions needed solid help and they needed it quickly. They have a high-volume e-commerce store so the solution they received needed to cause a minimal amount of downtime and also not break.

Natalie Maclees, of Purple Pen Productions, reached out to DigiSavvy to partner with her on the project. She has been providing professional development services to Insight Editions for years and she needed a solid pair of hands for this project, someone who could be an extension of her own team.

The Solution

Our White Label service was just the ticket. We migrated Insight Editions to a new e-commerce platform to help them conduct their sales, while still keeping with the key components they’ve grown to love and use every day.  We worked with Purple Pen directly and also with her client, as an extension of her team, to field questions and concerns and really gain a true understanding of the problem at hand.

The result was a smooth project delivered on time.