Generation Zapped

Filmmaker gets a site with a quick turnaround to help fund her project

Website for nonprofit documentary project

Filmmaker, Sabine el Gemayel is a longtime DigiSavvy client. She came to us for her recent film project titled ‘Generation Zapped,’ a movie about the dangers the digital age presents to people and how we’re ignoring all the warning signs.

She was in the middle of a critical round of fundraising for the film in order to distribute and promote it. She needed a “one-pager” site built that was well designed and well built. And she needed it quickly… It seems like everyone needs a rapid turnaround on these, huh?

The problem

Part of the issue was that Sabine needed a new site in a short period of time; she needed it to be quick, to the point, and also convert people into purchasing a shirt or donate money as part of the film’s fundraising efforts.

The solution

DigiSavvy produced the website on time and on-budget. We built a one-page layout with controls in place that allowed the client build additional pages and layouts with ease. The site was also conversion optimized to help drive people toward making that critical donation.

Since her site launch, she has raised the money needed to fund her project and move things forward and we were there every step of the way… It’s probably best to put away our technology lest we fry our brains. Ooop! Too late!