ABC Child Care Centers

Respected Child Care Provider Gets a Make-over

ABC Child Care Center has been serving the greater Temecula region for nearly twenty years! ABC is a family owned and operated facility, and they have been revolutionizing quality child care with their innovative programs while still making it affordable.

The problem

ABC Child Care Centers has multiple locations, and each location runs independently, having a slightly different brand, and yet they operate under the same umbrella. Part of the issue was that their name brand was split up among various websites and social profiles, which made it difficult to market in their local region and they often competed against one another.

In addition to search marketing issues, they also had an issue with running their websites regularly. Simply put, they were difficult to update and tracking down what information went where was a pain. We knew we could help them out with a lighter and easier-to-use solution.

The solution

With any project, it requires a proper scope and discovery phase to figure out what’s critical. For ABC, they still wanted to provide an identity for each of their locations because their location matters to the families they serve, who often make the commute to Los Angeles or San Diego each day. They also wanted to simplify the website management process, while maintaining full control over their content.

DigiSavvy made the following recommendations:

  • We advised ABC to consolidate their web presence of four sites down to a single website. We did that because one site with an active content and search engine presence is better than multiple sites with a weak presence.
  • We advised ABC to begin tracking their website analytics, which they previously were not doing; they had no insight into how their site was doing. Now they do!
  • We also wrote a series of redirects from their old website pages and pointed they to the newer updated pages, which helps prevent any small search engine 404 penalties.
  • DigiSavvy provided website training for their staff so that they knew how to manage their website going forward.
  • Website hosting provided by WP Engine, to help ensure snappy load times and stability.