Price Guide

We know transparency is key to building trust. We also believe that keeping things simple and easy to understand puts you in control of your budget and the process of selecting a partner for your project. Be sure to check out our FAQ section at the bottom.

Web Development Project Pricing

Standard development projects start at $20,000 and go up from there based on scope/features. At DigiSavvy, we start with a fixed-rate research project and move to flexible billing after, allowing you to change priorities, add features as needed. You’ll know up-front costs, there are no mysteries and you can rest assured knowing your digital baby is well-cared for and you’ll get what you pay for.

Development ProjectsStarting Prices
Informational, Brochure-ware Website *$15,000
Website Refresh *$20,000
E-Commerce / Membership Websites$25,000
Learning Management System$25,000
Complex Websites, Custom API Integrations * $35,000
Custom Plugin Development$10,000
The prices above assume UX/Graphic Design services. Pricing may be less if supplying your own designs

Website Maintenance Pricing

Have an existing website that needs work? Our maintenance programs start at $1,000 per month. Depending on how many hours you need per month we have a service maintenance plan that is right for you. All maintenance plans provide technical support, website/plugin updates, malware scanning and remediation, off-site backups, and monthly performance tuning. This plan allows you to focus on building your business while leaving the technical stuff to us.

Website Maintenance and Support
Updates and Support Only
Protect – Updates and Support M – Fr 9 – 5p$1,500
Protect + – Updates and Support M – Fr 9 – 5p, On-call off-hours$2,500
The plans do not provide custom development time.
Website Development Retainers
Includes Maintenance and Support
Level 1 Plan – 15hrs per month, M – Fr 9 – 5p$3,500
Level 2 Plan – 20hrs per month, M – Fr 9 – 5p, On-call off-hours$5,000
Level 3 Plan – 40hrs per month, , M – Fr 9 – 5p, On-call off-hours$10,000
Additional Consulting – 20hr blocks$5,000
Pricing depends on the complexity of the websites being managed. Highly complex websites
require more time and resources to properly maintain and thus impacts pricing.

Email Marketing and Automation Consulting Pricing

Your business but smarter. We help you identify opportunities to close more business automatically and help you reduce the friction of your sales pipeline. More sales, better customer experiences, auto-magically.

Digital Marketing ConsultingCost
ActiveCampaign Consulting$3,500
Marketing Automation Full Setup
CRM Config, Contact Segmentation, List Setup, Tagging Setup
ActiveCampaign/Drip/Klaviyo/ Team Training$5,000
Sales Funnel Setup
Sales page, follow-up automation config, CRM integration
Content Marketing Services
Email and Content Copywriting, Keyword Optimization
$5,000 /mo

Consulting Services (Pricing)

Sometimes businesses just need an outside perspective to review the great work they’re already doing to identify opportunities for improvement. DigiSavvy provides guidance and insight to your teams so they can do their best work.

Consulting ServiceCost
Code Audits$5,000
Discovery/Research Projects$5,000
Technical SEO Audits$3,500
Ongoing Consulting Engagements$2,500/mo.
Email Marketing, Automation, and CRM Training$5,000

FAQs – Our Pricing

Our development projects range from $15k to $50k and up, depending on the scope of the project. Our Marketing Consulting Projects start at $3,500 and stretch to $7,500.

Several factors affect your final price. The primary line items that affect your final price are the number of unique page layouts (templates), rounds of design revisions and development review, the level of strategy and research required for your project.

The main factors that go into scoping a project are the total number of pages for the site, the total number of unique page templates, rounds of revision, any kind of unique functionality you may need for the project, and the degree of the level of user experience strategy you may need for the project. Let’s take a moment to explain what each one of those elements means and how it impacts your project

We charge what we’re worth. We make a good living providing value to our clients. We’re not the right fit for every client. See if we’re the right fit for you.

Our development projects where we build something from scratch start around $20,000. Our typical budget range lands between $20,000 — $50,000.

Most Marketing Automation and/or ActiveCampaign Consulting projects start at $3,500.

Custom Plugin Development for WordPress or LearnDash start at around $10,000, depending on the scope of work.

  • Number of Unique Page Layouts (Templates)
  • If we’re providing UX/Graphic design that can impact your project pricing by roughly 30% or more
  • The amount of strategy and research performed for your project
  • The number of design revisions
  • The number of review periods for development work
  • The unique functionality required by the scope and how involved that work is
  • Number of contacts
  • Number of automations we build
  • Do we need to setup any email templates
  • How much time is spent on consulting and training
  • We work with you to identify what your needs are. Most maintenance plans come to us from projects we work on.
  • For new maintenance clients, we engage in a discovery first, outline any problem areas, resolve them, and recommend the right plan level for you.

Check out our ‘Are We a Fit‘ Guide. We’re a great partner to work with but we’re not always the right choice for everyone.

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