WordPress Pasadena

  Howdy folks! I hope you all had yourselves a wonderful and explosive holiday! If you live in or near the San Gabriel Valley (SGV) and use some WordPress then have I got the thing for you! We’re going to be hosting our meetup at Epic Spaces on July 12th. Are you ready? You best … Read More

05 Jul 2016

For those participating in WordCamp events through out the year and then the many more that have happened over the last several years, it’s easy to become jaded. Honestly, I thought “man, another WordCamp. Do I really need to go?” I mulled it over and given the right opportunity, I jus took it and went. Before … Read More

11 Dec 2015

There’s a lot of reasons why your website will probably fail to deliver the way you need it to; there’s one reason in particular that will cause this failure and it’s something that happens way before you launch the website. It—the failure—probably happens before your first strategy meeting. It doesn’t have anything to do with the … Read More

10 Sep 2015

WordCamp Los Angeles 2015 is coming soon and there’s still a ton that the organizing team needs to get done to wrap things up nicely and ensure a smooth and awesome WordCamp. We’ve got a ton of great speakers lined up just for you. That’s just the tip of the “iceberg.” WordCamps are about quite a … Read More

06 Sep 2015

I’ve got a Github project called ‘Some Like it Neat.’ It’s a Starter Theme you can get off of our Github Repo. It’s a swell tool and we’ve been using it to build out some of our recent projects. This site, in fact, is built using it. My personal blog uses it and a few … Read More

07 Oct 2014