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Video has become the new content marketing star for a growing number of small business operators. According to a survey conducted by Ascend2 and Demand Metric, business websites are the … Read More

15 Feb 2021
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Pinterest is one of the more overlooked social media platforms. Most people won’t think of it this way but, it really acts more of a search engine. This is a … Read More

26 Oct 2020
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Got content? It’s a question that is asked of small business owners concerning their websites, but it should be the most important question asked about social media marketing campaigns. Most … Read More

19 Oct 2020
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As one of the foundations of digital marketing, social media marketing helps businesses get the word out about their products and services. Once considered a complementary source of content to … Read More

12 Oct 2020
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Long gone are the times when social media platforms were used solely as dating and networking websites. The internet has moved past the Friendster and MySpace days of ranking friends … Read More

05 Oct 2020
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Social media channels are becoming even more advanced in the world of e-commerce and product advertising. It’s called Social Commerce these days. According to Business Insider, Social Commerce’s contribution to … Read More

30 Jun 2020
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If you’re a small business and you are struggling, these five tips should help you increase your digital presence as well as increase interest in your brand. Let’s start with … Read More

29 Jul 2019

This past week I was honored to be invited to speak at the City of Asuza’s inaugural Small Business Week event. I talked about the importance of using Social Media for a … Read More

12 May 2017

If you Google “10 Tips for Small Biz Social Media” you’ll find a ton of articles. Literally tons! Most of them will have great ideas, and you should review some … Read More

08 Dec 2016

Yeah, so LinkedIn has had the company page profile thing for a while now. We’re just so casual that sometimes we forget to “show up.” Well, today we remembered. In … Read More

24 Sep 2014