Content Style Guide

Style guides serve a purpose, especially for organizations with a number of contributors of content, whether that content be internal or external. We use a style guide for a blog we manage, where we have over 300 contributors. Providing a consistent voice/tone, treatment of specific words, how to deal with certain “slippery” terms and more … Read More

14 Sep 2015

Most people I talk to who run a business know that getting found is an art and that it takes time and energy to make that happen; they also know that it takes real thinking and a good deal of research. Why Does Keyword Strategy Matter? Getting your keyword strategy strait is something that will … Read More

03 Sep 2015

That sounds pretty dramatic, doesn’t it? “Plugins that SAVED me??” What does that even mean? Sometimes a plugin comes to the rescue when in a dire situation. This week, I’m talking about a plugin that saves me a few minutes ever week. My very first WordPress blog is over here. One of my dear friends who … Read More

27 Aug 2015

How do we make all the interwebs faster? There’s a lot to think about with our websites aside beyond all the nifty and cool things we can do to create better user experiences. An often overlooked metric is site performance. While we race to innovate we have to make sure we’re being diligent to keep … Read More

28 Jan 2015

Today I’m going to talk to you about traffic and why “just more traffic” is a lame endeavor. Yep. I said it. Traffic for the sake of traffic is a near-fruitless venture. If you live in the States then, surely, you’ve gone to large shopping malls; you’ve gone to Black Friday events, where people are … Read More

21 Nov 2014

Something that has been on my mind quite a bit lately is data. More specifically content. What is content? Simply put, a website’s content is composed of text and images that make up the given site. That’s a pretty simple definition right? I’m thinking about this because of the clients that approach us and the … Read More

07 Jul 2014