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Web Design and Marketing for Fullerton 92831

We are a Web Design, Social Media Promotion and SEO agency based in Fullerton, CA 92831, in Orange County. We provide a complete design and marketing solution to businesses of all sizes and professionals seeking to elevate their online presence.

Fullerton Web Design, Social Media Marketing, SEO

We Make Web Design Magic, We part the Social Media Marketing Waters in Your Neighborhood

We understand that you have needs, we understand that there are not enough hours in the day to get all the things you do well done. DigiSavvy is a subject matter expert on topics pertaining to web design and development, SEO and Social Media Marketing. It’s what we do best. Hire DigiSavvy to do our best for you, so that you have more time to do what you do best, which gives you more time to run your business.

Our solutions are robust and flexible. See below for our service offerings.

  • Web Design and Development – DigiSavvy can get your site up and running with short turn around times and reasonable rates.
  • Social Media Profile Management – We help you identify which social networks you should target and we help integrate your web site into the social networks that matter most to you.
  • Search Engine Optimization – We offer copy writing services to help you create compelling SEO friendly content that is targeted and will help you get found in search engines. We will get you up to speed on SEO best practices.
  • Web, Email and Domain Hosting Services – Easily, hosting for web, domain and email is central to any online initiative. DigiSavvy provides solid, optimized hosting for your web and email needs.
  • Graphic Design Services for Web and Print – DigiSavvy can help you design banners and flyers for web and for print, quickly and creatively.
  • Logo and Branding Development – Need a new look and feel for your business? Do you need help fleshing out an idea? DigiSavvy helps businesses and professionals establish a defined and professional look that gets you noticed.
  • Content Management System Integrations – More and more people want to be able to update their own sites, but they don’t want to learn code. Using a content management system such as Drupal, WordPress or Joomla might be the right choice for you. DigiSavvy will help you develop themes for your preferred CMS to get you running and looking good online.
  • Blog Management – Need inspiration for your blog? Do you need some help deciding on the right blogging platform for you? Are you moving or migrating your blog? Need to talk to someone? DigiSavvy helps bloggers with friendly blog hosting solutions and top notch blog management solutions.
  • Web Site Maintenance – Sometimes you just need someone to look under the hood and make sure things are working properly. Or maybe you just need your web site updated. DigiSavvy can help you every step of the way here.
  • Off Site (cloud based) Disaster Recovery and Backup Services – You will have a hardware failure. Take it to the bank. Your data is at risk if you’re not backing up locally. DigiSavvy provides cloud based backup services for your home, office and web site using a variety of cloud solutions such as Amazon S3 Storage, Community Contributed Cloud Storage and more.
  • Consulting Services – If you have questions, DigiSavvy has answers… Though, we do labor on questions related to rocket science! DigiSavvy can answer your web site questions, shopping cart questions or anything related to marketing or SEO.

If you are tech savvy, then you realize that these services add value to your marketing and web site operations. If you’re less than tech savvy, then the importance of the above items may not be readily apparent.

Let DigiSavvy provide with a custom solution designed for your needs. Contact Us today!

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